Angela Weber
General information
Alias Angela the Vampire
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Status On the Moon
Location Forks, the Moon
Family Tanishashanqua Chocolove (half-sister), Mr. Chocolove (father)
Enemies Rebecca Swansin, Bella Swan, Esme, Mike Newton

Angela the Vampire is a major antagonist of the Kronicals of Rebecca Swansin, happily obliging the readers by kicking Rebecca's ass whenever she shows up. Now a Vampire, the specifics of how she was changed are unclear, but we do know that she has it out for Bella and her friends, having killed all of them but Bella and Mike by the start of the series.

Revealed by Chocolove to be his daughter with Renee, Bella's mother. This makes Angela Bella's half-sister and Rebecca's... something.

She's sometimes referred to as Rain Bennet, but it should be noted that their continuties are tangled.


Sometime before the series began, mild and meek Angela was turned into a Vampire by Esme's forces. During this time, she killed all of her old friends except for Mike and Bella, the latter of whom she tried to murder a multitude of times. She had a brief fling as a contract killer from Esme before she defected for unknown reasons.

Angela's first appearance story-wise was in Arc I, in which she scares Rebecca and leaves. However, he mark upon the series was clear, providing an antagonist that not even the Mary Sue heroes would be able to defeat.

By the time Arc II rolls around, Angela tries once again to vanquish Bella, presumably out of some desire to finish the revenge killings that she started. She proves her combat prowess when she fights Rebecca Swansin, Tanishashanqua Chocolove, and Alice all at the same time, only being overpowered once a fourth fighter enters the fray against her.

Angela's next assassination attempt was in Arc III, during which she had a high speed motorcycle chase with Rebecca Swansin, Tanishashanqua Chocolove, and Bella. She very nearly succeeded in killing Rebecca and Bella and would have if not for the intervention of Mr. Chocolove. Chocolove revealed that she was his daughter. Before they had a chance to settle things, Alec used his vampire superpowers to blast Angela to the Moon.

It is unknown if Angela is currently alive while on the moon. Given that this is a trollfic character we're talking about, it's really a case of shrodinger's character.

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