Angela the Vampire Empress

Chapter 10 – Von Vard Virtue

With bella and mike in mexico it was up to angral to kill Loren since jessicunt died like a bitch...

Sad sad sad she went to find a new killer to murder it was all she had left in life was the dream she lived had died! Angela cried tears of vampire cristal from her eies for the sadness she felt! But then she real! She had propose in lief! Go Angela! Find propose!

she had fund her1 it was LOREN! she was in the woods having seksual relatshions with lorent the black bampire! [AN: he is the one Rebecca kils in the clearing that one time]

"Jessicunt is ded I have here to figt you!"

"wate what no!" Loren sed her vajayjay being sexed by lorents man pickle. He then went bat and flew off becuse he old enuf to do that. Wen a vampiore is old enuf they can turn toin a bat and fly! But that doent matter because loren was in danger from angela! "To in dagger or not to be that is the question!" she soloquied taking out a danger!

"you have trained in ninja I see" angela say taking samurai sword out of Victoria secretion department!

"yes Jackie chen wuld be fucked against me" jessicunts fiend loren say!

3… 2.. 1.. GO! Suddenly they fight with the forse of a generation! A generation of geriatric old people in congress! Lore used protect with danger and then dangered the protection with angelas swod wich volted electically like a piikachu in heat!

"my love with stop you!" angel say and her love fouled her magic and power and powed magic to victory with magic powreh!

"nooooooo" loren say the skank bein fukkin electrocuting by angela! "you wer a gift to the world until you stoped being one!" then she fel over and stated to die. Not dye but die. For real trust me.

"tell me where Ben is I must kil him next" angela say.

"no never you fuckign slutty mcslutslut whorebage!" laren piss.

"does not exist!" and bake rangel scream cutting lorens hed from her throat! She was ded now. so was angela to but she was vampire so she alive wile dead!



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