Angela the Vampire Empress

Chapter 11 – Rash

Angela fought the torture to Eric.

Eric was almost dead but superguy came to save

Then superman ask eric if he wanted to kiss him. Eric was so surprised that he found himself trapped in superguy's gays.

But they were all children of the deelord.

"Discuss the affirmation of fetid Eric" superguy say and angela fight him to the deth. She took to spase and he did too.

"will crush" angela say. Superman no.

"criptonite" super say and dodge

"I must driev the moon to defeat superguy" angela say and then leanrd on the spot to drive the moon. She defeatd supermen and he went splat and was 1005 % completely fucking dead.

Angela gump to erth and go after erc.

"no" eric fished out of the traffic but angela stole his cartilage of ear. She kne w he was dead and he did to.

The silent fetid assasian of the night was true and she fuocking killed eric with her advantage of immortal undead unsinful sinful lief.



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