Angela the Vampire Empress

Chapter 12 – Cassie

Cassie is jacub's sister who is abut to become a werewolf.

Friend of angela.

"friend hello" angela say to cassie. Cassie bite vitriolically back.

"you killed my friends do not make me take ur lief as well" she snaped

"you are a bitch. You speed rumor to Jasper about him being tranny when really u just angry that his dick is tinier than pope's" angela fight with word.

To werwwolf is that now so angela not. Cassie then use a gun.

"ex deputty is not immune to death!" cassie try but fail unleashing backe meat.

"I claim you now" angela say.

Angela did not think to Cassies bake meat. But Baked meat was. Angela could not do!

"you bitch. This was distract!" she tell furiously. She discovered from the pistol a wound. Time had elapsed from wound.

"I pray something will guide your path" angela say. She open her hands and it is burned. And plants and smoke and cassie did burn. Eyes open, Cassie was dead.

Angela is killed everyone but Mike and bella. Take refuge.



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