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Aryana her royal highness prin by arianavampirequeen-d33xeth
General information
Alias Ariana the Vampire Queen
Gender Female
Type Troll
Location Ireland
Fanfictions Vampire Queen, Dalton Vampire, Edward Cullen Goes To Hogwarts, Secret Family, The Magical Piss Series
Artworks Gallery

ArianaVampireQueen is the pet troll of the Twilight Sucks forums. She is periodically active. It is quite possible that she is suffering from some sort of split personality, because her writing style, grammar and spelling, and the general insanity level of her works all differ from one fic to another.

Ariana has a thing for bad boys. The more ruthless and twisted they are, the more she likes them.

Her literary debut, at least under this trollsona, was the novel-lenght Vampire Queen. Then she started watching Glee, and followed up with Dalton Vampire. Most of her later works have been series of one-shots, the most infamous of which is The Magical Piss Series. It is exactly what it says on the tinn.

It is possible that Ariana is the same person as Italian-Rose-XXX, author of Creating the Risque. There are too many similarities between them to be a coincidence. Either the same person is behind them, or Rosie is a very good copycat.

Ariana has shown herself to have vast knowledge of classic trollfics, and almost all her stories contain some sort of reference of shout-out. She is also surprisingly well read for a person who appears to be barely litterate and have an IQ of about 32.

It is very difficult to properly insult Ariana, because she takes most feedback as a compliment. Many of the prominent snarkers have succeeded, however, and there are multiple fics centering on killing the "evil flemmars".

Ariana's hero and main inspiration was ErinOfTheCullenClan. This changed after Erin turned on Ariana and called her a "sinnar". Sadly, no epic trollwar ensued.

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