Bella's Baby
Bella by erin
This is a one of stoir were bella is pregnant wih a chird.
Author Erin Locklea
Protagonist Bella
Chapter count 1
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Bella's Baby is a one-shot troll fanfiction written by Erin Locklea. It is set after the fourth Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn, and follows the event following Bella's second, and unexpected, pregnancy.

Plot summaryEdit

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One day, Bella discovers that she is pregnant, even though it's not supposed to be possible after she's had Renesmee and is a vampire. She calls Edward and Alice for advice and comfort, when she has an illumination: she is pregnant with James's baby. Alice said they should abort them, and this time, against Edward's opinion, Bella decides to do so.

Alice and Bella go to England, to a "magical abortion clinic", where they meet with "Professor McGooglule". She gives Bella a potion that causes the baby to vanish.


The main purpose of Bella's Baby was for Erin to state the fact that she's opposed to abortion, saying that Bella could only abort because she is "a dirry hure" and was having James's baby.


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