It had been a year since they ran from Forks; they had escaped capture by the vampires and Joan, and were now living in a condo off the coast of California.

Hugo awoke with sun shining through the curtains, unlike his husband who liked to sleep in his boxers or in the nude he preferred simple sleep pants. He moved to get up and start his day when a hand shot out and grabbed his wrist.

Hugo turned to his husband smiling, “Morning love” Brian blinked sleepily up at him “What time is it?” “9 a.m” Hugo said amused,

Brian had never been much of a morning person. “Come back to bed, it’s too early” Brian said tugging on Hugo’s wrist until the other man relented and snuggled back into his husband’s warmth.

Brian buried his face in Hugo’s collarbone his stubble scraping against it, “someone needs a shave” Hugo murmured, “Oh come now I know you like it” Brian said teasingly his blue eyes dancing with mirth.

“Mmm that I do, you know me so well” “Of course I do you’re the love of my life how could I not?”

Brian leaned up to softly kiss Hugo; he still remembered how he met him. He had been on a mission that had gone awry and had woken up in a hospital to see Hugo fresh out of medical school.

He had fallen in love with gentle grey eyed man on first sight, at first Hugo has pushed him away thinking the blonde haired man had no interest in him.

It had taken Brian chasing him down on a rainy day and pinning him to an alley wall kissing him for all that he was worth to make Hugo see that he loved him. Brian still regretted storming out on Hugo the day he found out that he had a daughter.

When he had gotten the mission to go to Forks and investigate Joan he had been terrified of seeing Hugo again, fearing that the older man hated him for what he did. It was quite the opposite actually their reunion had been explosive both of the men pouring out the emotion they had kept locked up so long, into each other not even caring when Joan had walked in on them.

They had been forced to flee something Brian blamed himself for, but Hugo had only told him that it didn’t matter where they went just as long as they were together.

“Hey Hugo do you want to go somewhere today?” “Hmmm?” “Like get on the motorcycle and drive somewhere?” Brian asked, “Sure that sounds fine” Hugo replied, “then it’s settled” the two shared a kiss and were since fleeing Forks, feeling content.

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