General information
Alias Mr Schue
Gender Female (presumably)
Species Unknown
Status Alive
Friends Most of ArianaVampireQueen's characters

Boomama is a semi-mytical character from Ariana's stories, almost to the point of being an in-story myth.


Boomama only makes one physical appearance, in Dalton Vampire, where she is disguised as William Schuester, a teacher in McKinley.

However, there are mentions of her through most of Ariana's fics. She - we assume it is a woman - enjoys great respect among the other characters. "Would you talk to Boomama like that?" is a common reaction to rudeness.


It is never confirmed whether Boomama is human or supernatural. Concidering most other characters in Ariana's stories are at least a vampire and often something else as well, we can almost certainly conclude she is a being of great power.

According to Ariana: you are boomama, but you are not boomama, bcoz da person nxt 2 u is boomama, but i am boomama, but i am not boomama, because  you are boomama but boomama is boomama, do you understand?

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