26 – Sad

A/N: I sad this chapter was gong to be exsighting and it is, thanks to jenny and beca who halped me mak it reelly good.


I woke up in ward arms, he was halding me looking concerned.

"whats wrong?" he asked concerndly.

"Victor and Joms are at my dads and trhey are gong to ate me!" i Yell.

Ward cuckles, no they are not you were haveing a nitemair."

I locked at edwrd and then remambered that affer we went to chuch we came back to his home to havbe a diner and then we just went to bed. I started to clam down, i new my dad wood be alright and that there was no evil vampires at my hose. It was mourning so we both got out of bed and I wet home to see dad.

When I got in the door he was already drink. He was lating on the couch and smell reelly bad. Wen he saw me he got up and come over to me. He locked meen and anger. I was scarred.

"were were you lass night?" He asked meenly. I was shacking

"I was at my boyfcriends, ward culeen renember?" I said

"YOU DINT TELL ME YOU WERE AT YOU BOYFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 HOW DARE YOU GO PLACES WITHOUT TELLING ME THAT YOU WERE GONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111" Dad yellowed hard, he was so drunk and anger that his voice was loud and hut my ears.

"Well you are always to dunk to lissen." I said back, no I was mad. He was not even a chirstan.

"WHAT DID YOU SAUY?" dad scremmed all mad like. "YOU ARE GRONDED< GO TO YOU ROMM AND DONT COME OUT UNTIL I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111" He pointed his drunk finger up the stars. I ran up, crying and breathing. He was so meen and so unfare. I dint do anything rong.

I locked myself in my room and sat on the bed, tears going everywere. The only reeson he dint want me out of ymn room is becose he dint like Ward. It wasn't fare. I went overt to the mirrar and saw my makeup was all smouged. I took it off and then put on some new makeup. I put on nice green eyeshadwow that and i did a nice nateral looking fondation. Ity made me fell allot better now that I loked pretty agen. Thedn there was a nock at the door.

"Can I come in?" It was fenado.

He wazs nice and helpful so I let him in. He came in and sat on my bed and looked at me. He had nice taned skin and always had a nice bug smil. He always made me fell better.

"I hurt what your fatter was yeling at you," he said, "it was not good." He said in his mexcan assent. It was cut.

"yeh well he is always so meen to me, he doesn't even know what its like to be a good Christian tring to live with an aloholice." I groned gronningly.

Fenando nodded becorse he new what i mean. He was a christen too.

"He came over and hagged me, it will be okay" he said, I love you" and then he left the room wile I stared at him. He loved me? In a good firenly way or in a boyfriend girlfriend way? I sat back on my bed looking all confussed. Why dint peeple understood that I was wuith ward and I loved him more than anything(ERIN: Eccept God becose I could love nothing more than I love god) He was my boyfriend. I desided to go to bed becose I was tyred.

I was laying in my bed looking at the dark celling when ther was a nock at the window, it was Edwar. He came in the window and sat on the bed next to me. He was reelly comfarting just him beaning there. I snaggled up to his bedy.

"What happened today, we were supost to go to yoith groop." He asked me askingly, i could tell he was warried that something bad had happend.

"My meen old fatter gronded me and said I cant leeve the room until he said. And that could be in a mouth." I told edweard upsetly. Ward raped his arm arond me.

"It will be ok, all the otter christens were asking about you in Youth Groop. They were worryd that something bad mite have happend to you."

I felt water come out of my eyes. "I will go nex weak." I told him and wad smelled the most sexah smell ever. It made my body shack and shivar.

I kissed him on his perfect check and asked him to say here with me tat night couse dad had said i had to stay here for a long time by myshelf. Edward agreed. We lay down together but we dint do anything naghty becourse we were both born agen. All we did was heg and sleep.

Then the door opened and i was confussed becorse I had locked it so no one could get in

"WHO IS THAT BOY IN YOUR BAD???????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was dad.


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