27 – School days

A/N: Im egnoring peeple that are meen and that want me to warship the devil. I send christien love to Jenna Becca and everone at yourth groop. God loves us all


Me and dad and Wars stared at each toher then dad came in the room, he was going to hut me. Ward got up sexahly and defancivley and stod beteen me and dad.

"It is my falt, I sneaked into her rom becase I love her!!!!!!!" wARD told dad. He looked stuned then he said. "I am her boyfriend Edwerd Cillen." Wards voice was reely brewdy and sexah.


Ward left trhough the window

"GET TO SCHOOL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" DAD yell at me and I got out of bed and got reedy to go to school.

I put on some blac eye shadeew and pink lipstic. I made my makeup reelyy hot and put on a nice black shirt that came to just above my nees and I put on a nice light blue tank top that left my arms uncovered. Then I waled to school.

At school Ward was weighing for me at my talbe. I sat nezt to him sadly.

"I am sorry bout dad" I told him and he chukled sexah like
:Its K, I ove you." He told me and i cherried up. Jenna and Jacob came and sat at our table too, then it was time for class, we went to maths class.

In maths class there was a new boy with sexah blonde hare and he was wering a small cross around his neak he was in a sexah black top that hagged his mussels and he wore tight jeens. Becca came beside me halding hands with jap.

"That's Brian Hahnel, the new boy." She said

Jenny who had came to my other side nextr to ward wunked and me, "He's cute."
I agrued but only in my heed becase Ward was beside me too. We all said down, I sat nextr to the new boy.

"Hi Im erni?" I hald out my hand becase it is polight.

"I am brian," said brain and he shaked my hand.

"Are you a christen too?" I asked and he said yes.

"This is my Christina boyfriend Ward," I told brian. Brian locked at ward and said hi but he looced sad that I was with Ward.

The teecher camer in the room so we stopped talking and listen to him

At lunh time I invalid Briain to sit next to us. He sat next to Em. I couldn't tell who was sexaher, Em or Brian.

"So when did you move to froks?" said Al

"Yesterday, " said brian. I moved hear frome Canada. Canada is a batter citey then Forks thou." He told us.

"Why did you move from Canada?" I assed sexahly and seductively and interestedly.

"Becase my mumand dad want to live hear." He said, he locked gronchly but that made him lok hoter. (ERIN: But not as hot as Ward K!)

Ward looked at him growly like. I assed wart wat was rong and he said
"He isn't talling the turth." He washpered bac.

"Why?:" I said looking at brian who was talling to Becca.

"I donot now, I will find out." Ward said angerly.

I dint now why Ward was so growly and anger like. He looked so hot and sexah when he is anger thou so I deside to forgive him. I am a good christen afta all.
It was the end of the day and I was waling thru the car-park, then Brian came up to me. Ward had gone home already becase he was felling sick.

"Hay," brain wunked at me, I smelled eroctically.

"Hay," I said bacx and he looked at me sexahly and eroctically.
We waled together and brian assed me questions

"So who lone has you and ward bean together?"
"I think and say, About 2 months,"

Brain looks at me sadily. I think he likes me but I cant halp that a lot of boys are attacked to me. I walk round the coner and

MY HOUSE WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A/N: I was lissening to some awsum chirstant musac and it gave me inspiritration. I hop you lie this chatter as much as I do.