29 – loanly

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Now that dad had bean taken away by the FBI I was aloan in the hosue. I dint like beening aloan becase It made me fell bad. I desided I wood move in with Wady
I xgot all my stuff and Ward put it in his car and we moverd it to his hous. I was moving into wardys rom. But i was going to slept in a seperat bed, I had desided that we carnt slep in the same bed intill we are marriage. I neva wanned to go agenst the Lords Teechings agen.

Ward knew what it meat to me not to go agenst the Lords Teechings so he dint make me slept in his bed. I was happy ass that me and ward cold live together and embrass the Lords Teechings

I mussed my dad thou, even thou he was a meen drunk man. He was still my dad and I wanned to get him out of jail.

"Ward, we have to get my dad<" I tod word and cried tears. Ward raped his arms arond me and kissed my forest.

"We will, We will go to the jail tomarrow and get him out, you need to go to slep not." He told me and tacked me in my bed, then I wen to slepp.

The next mourning we got up and got reedy to go to jail. I dressed in a nice blue full langht dress with nice black slip on shoes. Because we had to make a good impresson so they woold let dad out of jail. Then we got in wareds car.

We were on the road when ward turned the corner.


Erin: It is shot I no but it will be longer soon,