Carly Tanner
General information
Alias Carlie (Original name)
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Location Loch Ness
Family Mom Tanner, Stepdad Tanner II, Bree, Primrose, Catnipp, Esme, Carlisle
Friends Bree says she can't have them.

Carly Tanner is a supporting character in No Place Feels Like Home. She is one of Bree's younger half sisters, and Esme's latest adoptee.


Carly, alternatively spelled "Carlie", is six years younger than Bree. She is the daughter of Mom Tanner and Stepdad Tanner II.

Carly's father never liked her, because she reminded him of a female doctor that once got him sanctioned. He feared that he had been drugged and taken sexual advantage of while he was committed, and that Carly was the offspring of this doctor.

When Carly was 5, she was sold to a mining company, and spent the next two years down a coal mine. She got sacked after she dropped a stick of dynamite down a shaft and nearly caused a disaster. Her family needed money, so she was sold again, this time to a chemical factory, where she was chained to a machine for three years. She managed to escape from the factory after spilling some acid on her chain. Since her family considered her too unreliable to keep around the farm, she was somehow sent over to Bree in Scotland.

Bree couldn't provide for her, being a teenage vampire, and asked Esme to take care of her. Esme is very protective of Carly. However, Bree has told Carly not to ever trust anyone besides her, because they don't like her since she has been a slave.

Carly has a puppy that Esme got for her from a shelter. The puppy was a replacement pet for the baby aligator Bree gave her, which Esme considered too dangerous and donated to a zoo. Bree warned Carly that the puppy is only pretending to like her.

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