Dimitri Levendis
General information
Alias Dimitri
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Location London
Romances Erin Watts?
Friends Harry Pearce, Ruth Evershed, Beth Bailey, Erin Watts, Lucas North
Enemies Terrorists, pirates, John Bateman

Dimitri is a character from Spooks/MI-5.


Dimitri is born in England, but his parents are Greek. He's an expert on explosives and piracy, and has a military background. According to his canonical bio on the BBC Spooks page he's born in 1974, making him 38 years old. However, Max Brown, the actor who plays him, is born in 1981.

In fanfictionEdit

No Place Feels Like HomeEdit

In No Place Feels Like Home he appears to be a young man, and is romantically involved with Mariel.


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