Edward's Birthday

This isn a part og Brewdening love, but its like what steepanny meyer did with the bree trainer story, like a exra bit or something.
Author Erin Locklea
Protagonist Joan
Chapter count 1
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Edward's Birthday is a one-shot troll fanfiction written by Erin Locklea. It is a spin-off of her main fanfiction, Brewdening Love, and tells the events of Edward Cullen's birthday.

Plot summaryEdit

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On the day of Edward's birthday, Joan gets up at midnight. The two set up everything for the party they planned for Edward in the night, before Joan goes back to sleep for a few hours.

The Cullens and Joan surprise Edward with the party, where all of his friends were invited, including "Tana". The latter comes on to Edward too much to Joan's liking, and they start fighting. Edward takes Joan's defense, and the party resumes as Joan gives Edward his present: a silver ring.


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