Edward's Secret
Edward's Secret
They had become fahomosexuals!
Author Erin Locklea
Protagonist Bella, Edward, Jacob
Chapter count 1
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Edward's Secret is a one-shot troll fanfiction written by Erin Locklea. The story focuses on Bella Swan as she finds out her two suitors, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, have fallen in love with each other.

Plot summaryEdit

See the full text for detailed informations.

The story opens as Bella faces Edward and Jacob, still in shock of the announcement that they are homosexual and in love with each other. She witnesses as the two pledge their love for each other and have sex, with Jacob turning into a wolf during the act.

Bella's prayers are however answered when God comes down from Heaven. However, he tells her he can't change the state of things, as it is not of his work, without further elaborating. In tears, Bella runs away through the forest.

As she does, Edward and Jacob suddenly realize "the error of their way" and ask God for forgiveness. He asks them to give him one of their fingers in amend; Edward does so immediately, tearing to with his bare teeth, but Jacob refuses, and is killed by God and thrown in Hell for it. God then tells Edward to go after Bella, which he does, catching up just before she throws herself from a cliff.


Edward's Secret is without much of a doubt Erin's single most offensive piece of work, basically serving as a manifesto of her hatred of gay people, depicting homosexuality as something that can (and should) be cured, and assimilating it with bestiality.


*The end of the story replaces Bella with Joan for no apparent reason, making it hard to tell if it's just a typo or if it was supposed to be Joan all along.

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