Goffik, an intentional misspelling of "gothic", is a term used to encompass all Mary Sues who claim to be gothic. The misspelling is there to indicate that they are not; more often than not, they are actually closer to being emo.

Common characteristicsEdit

  • A general aesthetic style, preferring black clothes and a lot of make-up regardless of gender in shades of black, red and purple
  • A tendency to listen to "goffik" music, with the most common bands being Evanescence and My Chemical Romance
  • Self-harm, usually to ridiculous level and without any realism in the reasons that lead to it
  • A hatred of "preppy" people, i.e. the majority of people, who become stereotypes that love pink and other bright colors (but mostly pink)
  • General promiscuity and fetishization of homosexual males. While the Goffik Sues often claim to be bisexual themselves, they usually throw around "no homo" about as often as Erin Locklea herself.

Goffik SuesEdit

Note that, usually, all the friends of these Sues are Goffik as well. Only the protagonist should be mentioned here, unless she herself is not goffik and another character is.

Special casesEdit

  • Ariana is a mild case, sometimes using the same vocabulary and wearing the same clothes, but sometimes wearing very bright (and usually discordant) colors. Forrest Goth from Vampire Queen and The Life of Delia is closer to a straight example, but does not have enough screentime to show whether or not he follows all the tropes
  • Milena is "METAL", and is actually a lot closer to real goths than to goffik Sues.
  • Dally has some of the aesthetics but none of the other characteristics.

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