Grá mo Chroí

Once upon a time there was wise and just king named Eoghan, who was loved by all.

He had defended the kingdom for many years against the vampires who had sought to gain the land for themselves.

But one day Eoghan’s daughter Siún, who he had exiled many years ago, came back wanting the throne for herself.

Eoghan fought valiantly but was soon overpowered by Siún’s vampire lover and was forced flee for his life.

Scared for his people’s safety and what Siún might do to his country, he set out to find the only man he thought capable enough to help repel the vampires, the fire mage Brion.

Unfortunately Brion had vanished in seclusion many years ago and Eoghan didn’t know where,

So he donned a cloak to hide his face and went to the place where he might get information of Brion’s whereabouts, The Phoenix’s Tavern and that is where our story truly begins.


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