Guy of Gisborne
General information
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Dead
Location Nottingham
Romances Marian, Meg Bennett
Friends Marian, Allan A Dale, The Sheriff of Nottingham sort of, Robin Hood eventually.
Enemies Robin Hood, The Sheriff of Nottingham, Isabella Gisborne, himself
 Guy of Gisborne is a character from English folklore, who appears in some of the versions of the Robin Hood legend. He is usually an antagonist, but his allegiance to The Sheriff of Nottingham is a newer invention. In most of the older stories where he appears he's either a mercenary, a dangerous rival outlaw, or even a supernatural entity.

The character featured heavily in the BBC Robin Hood series, which ran from 2006-2009.


Gisborne's background, and what role he plays, differs from one version to the next, but he's usually a nobleman who's fallen on hard times and willing to do anything to raise his status. In many adaptions he has romantic feelings for Marian.

The recent BBC version portrayed Gisborne as a biker-type, dressed head to toe in black leather. His ongoing pursuit of Marian's affections ended with him killing her after she revealed she had tricked him into thinking they were going to get married. After murdering the love of his life, he became depressed and alchoholized, eventually turning on the sheriff and joining sides with Robin. He was killed in the final episode of the show, along with most of the main cast.

In fanfictionEdit

Ohio Is Not For LoversEdit

In Ohio Is Not For Lovers, Guy is one of the villains.

For more information see the related page.


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