Isabella Gisborne
General information
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Dead
Location Nottingham
Romances Robin Hood
Enemies The Sheriff of Nottingham, Guy of Gisborne
 Isabella Gisborne is a character from the BBC drama series Robin Hood.


Isabella was the younger sister of Guy. She carried a notable grudge against her brother, after he had arranged her marriage to an abusive doucebag named Thornton when she was only 13. 

Isabella met Robin when she escaped from her husband. They struck up a romance, but when she asked Robin to leave his gang and start a new life with her, he refused. Isabella took the rejection badly, and sold the outlaws out to Prince John. As her reward, she was appointed the new sheriff, as Vaisey was believed to have been killed by Gisborne. Isabella had her brother Guy sentenced to death. She chose her friend Meg Bennett as her deputy, but after discovering that Meg had developed feelings for her brother, she ordered Meg executed as well. They both escaped, but Meg died from injuries she sustained. 

In the final episode of the show, Isabella was taken prisoner by the still alive Vaisey and exchanged her title for her survival. She stabbed Robin with a poisoned dagger, and helped killing Guy. It is presumed that Isabella died along with the sheriff when Nottingham castle exploded.

In fanfictionEdit

Ohio Is Not For LoversEdit

In Ohio Is Not For Lovers, Isabella is combined with Bellatrix LeStrange and functions as a villain.

For more information see the related page.


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