Judah Chocolove

"i can anser dat mothafuocker"
General information
Alias Chocolove
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Location Forks
Family Tanishashanqua Chocolove (daughter), Angela (daughter)
Romances Renee Dwyer (status unknown), Tanishashanqua's Mother (status unknown)
Friends Esme
Enemies Rebecca Swansin, Bella Swan

Mr. Judah Chocolove is the bad ass father of Tanishashanqua Chocolove, and was immediately picked up by the snarkers as a diamond in the rough. In fact, it wasn't but a few lines into his debut chapter that fans latched onto him and made him into a memetic badass. Half of Tanishahsnqua's popularity comes from just being his daughter. 

Mr. Chocolove currently teaches Biolology, History, and English class at Forks highschool. His grasp of Chemistry is unbeatable, having the ability to create anti viruses to some of the strongest plagues in the world. As of right now, the story has shown that he is working with Esme and planning something diabolical.


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