Mariel Nicole McCray
General information
Alias Mariel
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Location Loch Ness
Family Dad McCray, Mom McCray, Nikki, Moira, Uncle Goober
Romances Dimitri, Matt
Friends Harry, Bella, Bear, The Doctor, Harry, Dumbledore
Enemies Bree, MacGyver
Mariel is one of the protagonists of No Place Feels Like Home. She is a clone of Nikki, from a timeline where she accidentally regenerated as a Time Lady after an accident with the TARDIS.

Mariel looks exactly the same as Nikki, apart from having naturally black hair and a different eye colour. She has a "gothic personality", but is for the most part cheerful. Her boyfriend is Dimitri, who she has dated since she was Nikki. The current Nikki doesn't know him.



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