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My dad is very charitable, so he took us to Europe to show us how people live in third world countries!
General information
Gender Female
Type Troll
Location AMERICA!!!
Fanfictions From America, With Love
Artworks Gallery

Milena, whose real name is unknown (or, as she puts it, TOP SECRET) and is most commonly referred to by the name of her main character, is American. She is very, very proud to be American. Apparently, she got the inspiration to her Magnum Opus From America, With Love after her charitable father took the family on summer vacation in Europe in August 2012. Shocked by how old some of the architecture in European cities was, she came to the conclusion that the whole continent must be stuck in the Middle Ages.

She has a very interesting relationship with Talys Alankil, who she has written into her story as one of the protagonists. For some reason she's unable to realize that he hates her, and continues to feel sorry for him for being oppressed in tyranical Belgium where people eat coal and uranium, according to her dad.

Milena seems to have a slightly creepy relationship with her father. When she was criticized for writing in her story that the main character slept in her father's bed at night, and that he was constantly talking about how sexy she was, she replied "He only does it to build my confidence", suggesting the same thing occurs in her real life. She listens to her father's word like it was Gospel, and never questions even his wildest claims.

Her greatest fears include liberals, cyborgs, health care chips, hippies, communists and disco.

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