Rebeccadora Swansin
Rebecca Swansin
"I qikclee begin 2 cry in ordur 2 get edoweirdz atenshin"
General information
Alias Rebecca
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Location Forks
Family Charlie (uncle), Bella (cousin)
Romances Edward (Ex), Jacob (Current)
Friends Edward, Tanishashanqua Chocolove, Alice, Clarity Etude Symphonia, Alec, Jane
Enemies Charlie, James, Victoria, Prinsipul, The Volturi, Esme, Mr. Chocolove

Rebecca Swansin is the protagonist from The Kronicals Of Rebecca Swansin. She is in the running for least-likable main character ever in a trollfic, literally angering people to the point where they cannot read the story any longer.


Not much of Rebecca's past is known, save for that her parents locked her outside during rainstorms and didn't let her have human contact for the first few years of her life. At some point before the series, she came to Forks to live with her uncle, Charlie, and his daughter, Bella. She fell in with the Cullens almost immediately, gaining a good reputation around the school while picking on her cousin, Bella.

Rebecca had already established herself as the school's queen bee by the time Story Arc I rolls around, committing random acts of wanton violence whenever and wherever she pleases. Shunning Jasper for being transgender, abusing Bella's truck, and domestically abusing Bella herself are all things she gets off on. At one point during the day, Rebecca follows a hot boy into the boys' locker room, accuses him of being a pervert for "flashing her" — while he had actually not even noticed her — and uses her anti-rape knife against him, then when a whole bunch of guys get out of the shower to see what the commotion is about, she accuses them of attempting to rape her. Throughout all of this nonsense, she still manages to convince Edward to be an item with her.

Rebecca's downward spiral culimated in the climax to Arc I, in which she brutally murders Charlie in order to get a set of jail keys to break her friend Alice out of prison.

Arc II serves to cement just how terrible of a person Rebecca is, detailing her phlight as she tries to convince herself that Charlie "had it coming". During a Police Raid, she forces Edward to help her tie up Bella so that they can pin the blame of the murder on the poor girl. Bella manages to escape Rebecca's clutches, but this in turn leads to Rebecca breaking up with Edward over a proposition for sex after he "betrays" her.

Rebecca immediately falls in with Jacob in the next chapter, claiming that she is leaving her life of sin and evil behind her. She disproves this when she murders Prinsipul in the Arc finale to distribute an anti-virus to the school.

Arc III details Rebecca's attempts to be a better person and how she fails miserably at it. After being sexually assaulted by Edward, Rebecca has to fight to protect Bella from Angela. Although Rebecca and Bella narrowly escape by the skin of their teeth, the aftermath leaves Bella incapacitated. Rebecca's day is further ruined due to witnessing the death of her best friend Clarity Etude Symphonia at the hands of Aro, one of Esme's henchmen.

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