Regerneration Part 1 - Roses fears

authors note - this is my view of what should have hapened after doomsday if you hate series 5 and want ten/rose back this is for you!

Rose saddened into her pillow. This wasnt meant to be how it would end. she had a flashback to two hours ago

"i love you!" she yelled vehemently to the doctor as he leaked tears out of his face mellifluously. "Rose tyler" david tennant cried acquiescently

and then he faded away

She could still hear his last words humping her ear sockets. she cried some more at the memory of the timelord she was still in love with

"but wait" rose understood to herself. If she was still in love with him it meant there was still a psycho link in there collective heads! there was a way of getting back to the doctor! she knew the doctor would always leave everything prepared for consequences

Rose took the TARDS key out of her pocket esoterically. She gazed at it longingly knowing that david tennant's hands had touched it not so long ago. how she longed for those hands to finger her (after marriage)

She was about to leave the house to go to Bad Wold Stratten when suddenly...mickey!
"omfg Mickey you are always getting in the way" she reprimanded him chastely.
"THere's no getting away this time" said Mickey, with a rapey look in his eye. He put his hands down his pants and started mastergating "ewww you're a sexual offender!" screamed Rose thinkingly as Mickey tried to rape her. She took out a gun from her pocket. Mickey was too strong for a gun though so she opened the kitchen cabinet and took out a bazook. Mickey looked scared for the first time. Rose ejaculated the bazook into his black face. And then he was dead.

"thank god for that" said Rose. it was ok that she killed him because he deserved it and in the mormon region god permits killing in self defence.

Rose was at Bad Wold Stratten.

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