A revenge chapter is a chapter in any trollfic that attacks the fic's critics directly. It can take a single scene, the whole chapter, or, in the most extreme case, span across an entire story arc.


  • Brewdening Love has four revenge chapters : Chapter 17 and Chapter 30 are both entirely separate from the main plot and only directed against the "flamers", while Chapter 33 and Chapter 34 start with a scene to tackle on the fake deviantArt accounts created for "Jenny" and "Becca", but then further the plot. Additionally, Chapter 37 was a complete departure from the main plot, but instead of being directed straight at the "flamers", it was directed against their favorite (gay) couple, Brian and Mr Smith.
  • Chapter 14 of FaCe ThE StRaNgE includes a very distasteful jab at Mataime, a deviantArt user who criticisez the fanfiction.
  • The Assassin's Diaries' main villains for the second half of the story are Tigeranne and her legions of "templar dykes", made of both snarkers and fictional characters.

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