Robert of Locksley
General information
Alias Robin Hood
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Dead
Location Sherwood Forest
Romances Marian, Isabella Gisborne
Friends Marian, Will Scarlet, Allan A Dale, Much, Little John
Enemies Guy of Gisborne, The Sheriff of Nottingham
 Robin Hood is a legendary character from English folklore, known for stealing money and food from the wealthy and distributing it among the poor. He is also the main character of a BBC drama series produced between 2006-2009.


Robin was born on the estate of Locksley near Nottingham, as the only son of a nobleman. In his late adolescence he went on a crusade to the Holy Land, accompanied by his manservant and best friend Much. Upon returning to England, he discovered that his father had been killed for "treason", and that Locksley had  been confiscated. Its new inhabitant was the dangerous and unpredictable Guy of Gisbourne, liuetenant to the Sheriff of Nottingham.

After oposing the sheriff, and breaking out some of his prisoners, Robin was declared an outlaw. He took up living in the woods with his new companions, and vowed to dedicate his life to fighting the sheriff's men until King Richard Lionheart returned to England.

Robin's true love was Marian. Their story hardly ever has a happy ending, as she is killed young in most versions of the legend. In the BBC series she was murdered by the jealous Guy. Robin returned to England, devastated by the loss and bent on revenge. Despite his hatred for Gisbourne, the two eventually teamed up to fight the sheriff. Robin had a brief romance with Gisbourne's sister Isabella, who ended up killing both him and she sheriff in the final episode.

In fanfictionEdit

Ohio Is Not For LoversEdit

In Ohio Is Not For Lovers, Robin appears as a supporting character.

For more information see the related page.


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