Tanishashanqua Chocolove

"yo homie whats up"
General information
Alias Tanishashanqua
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive, with a Robotic Hand
Location Forks
Family Mr. Chocolove (father), Angela (half-sister)
Friends Rebecca Swansin, Edward, Alice, Jacob, Bella Swan
Enemies Bigotry, Biological superviruses, Angela, Esme

Tanishashanqua Chocolove is the daughter of Mr. Chocolove, and one of the most badass characters in the entire series. At the beginning, Tanishashanqua's only quality was being a stereotype. While she still has racist mannerisms, the fanbase prefers to think of her as a normal person when Rova isn't writing the dialogue. She quickly found herself accepted by the fanbase, which identified her as a decent person who was a source of comedic gold. Fanon has it that Tanishashanqua only hangs around Rebecca to make sure that she doesn't harass Bella, with some believing her to be an alternate persona for Rain Bennet.

Easily identifiable by her ability to think rationally in a world where logic has no value or meaning.


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