AN this is the big finale of the threeparter!

Chapter 12 of the assassin diaries: EVIL PLAN


There was a light and when it fades it reveals... Savannah! (AN this i you XXXEdwardzLovahXXX). She grabs Damons head and says "By the powers of my dads awesome country music I WILL BREAK YOUR MIND CONTROL!" And then she starts singing to soothe Damon's tortured soul.

This song is for my special friend
Our relationship, it has to end
Social norms are saying so
But how it hurts to let you go

I'm sory that you ate Jolene
She wasn't easy on your spleen (That's not part of the digestive system, but "liver" doesn't rhyme with "Jolene".)
That silicone, it made you sick
I feel like such a soulless p****

Although we'll all be missing you
Your life will be better at the zoo
I hope the staff will treat you kind
And get this nasty business of your mind

(AN This song belongs to Savanna's dad I did not write it) The song is so beautiful about Duncan Dynamight's pain for losing his pet snake that Damon cries and then says "FUCK YOU KATHERINE YOU WERE JUST USING ME!!!) and his rage is so intense that it scares the templars who start running away to their teleporter room.
But Alex takes that chance to strike and runs after them! Unfortunately most of them evaded but he manages to kill Bonnie before she can use one of her spells. As a last vengeance she splurts blood al over him but it was okay cause it turns Damon on and they immediately start to make out.
"I'm sorry about this." Damon says.
"It's okay its Katherines fault that bitch."
"So we won then ?" Derek asks.
"Yeah!" Jeremy and Tyler say at the one time (they're not fused anymore but still kinda in tune due to sharing a mind for so long).
"We should celebrate!" Alex rejoices.
So they all go to Alex's home and have lots of fun. When it gets late the girls go away (they decided to go live in Elena's mansion since that bitch wouldn't use it anymore) and the boys have sex all night to make up for lost time.

But somewhere else the Templars all reappeared after having teleported.
"Fuck them." Katherine says. "But not literally!" as she sees the horny expresson on TalysAlankil, Tigeranne, AnyaThePurple and WolfBloodRei's faeces. "We need a secret weapon to kill them all... We need... DALLY DARKBLOOD! HAHAHZLAHOAHDJABNDOANIFBIABFKFAONJDLKF!!!!!"


A/N : OMG this story is getting so much more interesting!



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