edowurd and i stoped at my hose 2 get da jale keyz frum chadley. i went to da hose an saw bellas fouckin uglee truck owtsid da hose. i fuckin kicked that shit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 timez b4 my fut brook. den edoweird sed

"doth shuldeth leaveth thine vehicol aloneth"

i wuz instatly assored. den i relized a problem.

"wate edowurd wat if chadly is dere" i sed. as i sed it my raben hare wuz floing in da wind and da streekz were swahing in frunt of my faece an den a singol teer drop fel frum my eyes 2 sigify my gowing saddnes. my feace wuz becumn moystorized agin so so i qickly wipd away da teer. "i just meen wat if he is dere. dat culd be bad 4 us in al sortz of wayz. wat if he catchez u tryign 2 steel his kees. den wat edoweird!? i cant livbe withut u u FOUKING MOTHASUKOR SOTP TRYIGN 2 BRAEK UP WIT ME" i wuz screeming noew becuz dis wuz a seris situashin.

edowyrd jsut loked at me al blankeley

"rebecca, thine fahter musteth haveth thine keeseth!" he ecloaimed. "alleth weeth must doeth is sipleth steeleth thine fathers keeseth" he cuclooded. i wuz instatly amazed. pwedowurd had cum up wit a reely gud plan! al we had 2 do was steel da kees frum my fathor. howevar da problem wuz dat my fathor is a very seckyoure individal and he wuldnt jsut haend ovar his kees dat eesily.

"i no wat i must do edowerd" i sed. i new wat i had 2 do. 2 get alicia owt of jale i wuld taek my fathorz kees by fors.

i went insied da hose. dere wuz nobuddy in da libing rum. da livingrum had a blud-red finihs and fishnetts hangign frum da ceeling. da wals had cristal bloe fish pattorn 2 it. suoddenlee chadly steped owt frum da dore. i new wat i had 2 do.

"chadley give me da kees or i wil fuockign kill u" i sed. 2 showe i wuz seris i tuk owt my anti-raep nife frum b4 [AN: C U FLAMIGN FOUCKORZ SOTP FLAMING DA STOREE C HOW I USE CHEKOVZ GUN HEER HA] chadley loked very woreyd. he luked bak an 4th betwen me an my nife. finalaly he tuk owt his gun and aymed it at me.

"rebecca u dum biotch i hav a gun u heer me. i am abut 2 displin u becuz u r actin owt". i didn't lisen 2 him an i chagred. i qikly ogot 2 him an smaked dat whinee biotch acroz da FAYCE an den stated 2 stab his gut. chadley didnt liek dis tho so he shiot me in my arm 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 tims. howevar my detorminashin 2 suksede made me go on an swipe dat basturdz nose in haf.

"HA U FOUKER U SHOT MY LEFT ARM NOT MY RITE" i sed! it wuz gud dat he shot the otha arm cuz dis arm had da nife in it. den i puched him in hiz nutz an den stabed him in his belly buton 1 2 3 tims. somoeting told me dat it hurt him tho becuz he steped baeck in pane an scramed liek a womin. den he wuz onestlee afraid of me.

"no rebeka stop dunt taek dis path in live it will onlee lede u into darknes" he pleted. den i tuk his gun frum his sins he wuz on da grund dying frum his woonds. den i tuk his neck and snaped it. den i shovd da nife doun his throwt. i wuz happy becuz da batol wuz ovar. den i got da kees frum his pocket an ran bak owtsied. edowurd wuz dere. den i came.

"EDOWYURD" i sed "I GOT DA KEES 4 U" i also sed.

"thine eforts haveth noteth goneth ineth vayneth" he sed. "thine alabastor teers telleth meeth dat thine haseth puteth fortheth a gratuitous amowneth ofeth efforteth"

den we went 2 go an reskew alicia da drug deelor frum jale.

"Everytime i see a new chapter...i skip through your actual story just to see if you have made a comment about me...they amuse me!
Well atleast it gives this piece of c**p views and reviews...
Be honest with me...Is that how you actually write, like in school (if you arn't to stupid to go to school)...
what the hell is a kind of name like 'Tanishashankwa'?
You get some real bad names, but that just takes the biscuit...
Im suprised youve actually carried on with this story...
it sucks..."





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