=A Twitliht fanfikshin=
AN: so dis maeks TOOOOO chapturs of dis fanfikshin i hop i sune get reviws!!!!

da sun was rally baeting douwn on my byoutifull eyez and i qicklee toke out my mirrore & cheked mysolf. i had a lot uv sweet on my heart shapd cheina nd my wiede 4hed w/ a widoe's peek was sweeting alot. i had pail scin just like edowurd and lips wur 2 fully 4 a jowline. enywas i qicklee hopppeded ovar 2 were edowurd an caspor wer. i statred 2 spak wiht dem.

"hiya edowurd"

"hiya rebeacca"

"how r u doing 2day edowurd" i askedd

"itz a good ting we r inside is all i will sey"

"y is dat"

"becuz it iz sooo sunny 2day"

"oh Ok" i stated as i wakled awaye frum da two boyz. (actuly i am shure caspor iz a transexal da sick fucker becuz he is alwayz doin femininine stuff wit alicia like shpopinga and treyng out cloaths). so den i went 2 my biolology class were Mister chocolove (i can remeembr his naem srry) wus teching biolology. Biololgy is my favorit class becuz dere r lots of expearimints in it. edoward and i sat next 2 each othre as we toke hour seats in the clasroom.

bella came an den sat 2 da left of us. bella da stoopid biotch was soooo stupit. she trippedd while in her chare and becuz of dat i lahffed and edowerd did 2. bella scramd at us "shut up u fukin bitchez i fukin h8 all of u" and den she sat bcak down. Alicia went 2 bella and pated her on da baeck

"dere dere" Alicia massagd bella. "itz all ok" i den stuck my midle fingor up at da two becuz i fukin h8 dem all. "Mr. Chocolove maek rebeacca shut up" bella whinied.

"wat did she do to ya'll?" he asked

"rebecca stuc her middel fingor up at me" cryied bella

"Wat a fatass" i wispurred 2 edowurd. he lokked at nme alll dreemyly and i bluoshed agian and giggled.

"Ok so 2day we r all doin a suprize exporimint- we r gunna see whoz human 2day" sed Mistor Chocoluv. "Everee1 take a blood testt an den submit da samplez 2 me an den go" jsut as mistor chokolove finisheded dat statment Alicia ran from da classrume, which made bella crie becuz nobody fukin lkies that horing slut. i loked over 2 edowerd an he hadd a vcery very wouried look over his faece.

AN: so im relaly liking maekinjg dis story i have seven storee arcs of ideaz availble i hope u all review da story an den u all can give my criticism so dat i can maek da story better and get moer reviows yay



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