=Chaptear 3: da fliught of edoweird=

i loked up at edoweird and he has a grimm loook on hiz faece. i silently preyed 2 my god (judah) and hopped dat edowird colud exsempt from da humen test. his beutifull red eyez shot towardz me and den i instatly understud wat edowrd meant. he wnted me 2 taek da test 4 him. i also shoot a glaence at him and den tuk da needul frum him. i stuck it in me, beering thru da pein by thinkng of bella and how much i h8 dat biotch. edoword stated 2 get off on da smell of bloood but his fendship with me ekpt him frum biteng me.

"owwww" da entere class went

"yummi" edowrod screamd tinking fo all da blud

"edoward you fucker" i screemd!!! he wuz bein such a bitch i wuz taeking da test 4 him yet he kept wineing liek a b1tchee bithc.

"scroo u rebeka" he skreachd at me an den got up and PUNSHED BELLA IN DA FAECE az he rann owt of da room.

"Stop mothafugga!!!!" scream Mr. Chocolove az he tred 2 graab edowardz wrist but he wuz suc ha fuggkin wymp dat he culdnt hold unto edowird. but edoward smacked mr. chokoluv and chokoluv's afro feel of.

"OOOOMMMMFFFGGG" want da entyre class. hu nu dat chocoluv wuz reelly BALED!?!?! mr choklove ran frum da rooom an den de entyre clas got up an stateted 2 leav. i decideed 2 go 2 lunche were i wuld meat up with da rest of da collins 4 lunch.

so den i got to lunch an da lunch lady gave me a fuckin styrofoam tray so i smaked da biotch 4 being an antee eviomental terrorist! den i got a apull and came. there i wuz sittin 2 da left off caspor an alicia. i wuz also sitting 2 da right off rossey and gennet.

"hi guyz" i takled

"hi moon" every1 repled.

"were iz edowerd?" i qestined. evoree1 loked arund at eech otha but noone new were edoweird wuz.

"moon i dunt tink dat any1 nows were edowird iz aftor he ran awae during biolology" answord clemmet. i noded towerds bennet 4 answoring da qeshtin. den i loked ovar 2 were bella wuz sittin an saw dat she was sitting alone. dat wuz becuz all fo bellas fiends had deaded durin da summor by a vanpier nameded angela hu waz wunce 1 of bellas fiends. i laghed soooo haerd wen i foundd owt abot it. but baeck to da poiwnt we all didunt no were edowerd wuz WERE CULD HE B!?!!?



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