laest timne on da kronicals of rebecka swansen:

"alicia no stp u cant go down dis path in lyfe" caper pleeded. i pushd edowerid and i undor da desk frum hour chares and tryd 2 escaepe. alicai stated 2 shoot da gun at da windowz an studentz. mike newtun got hittd wit a bullett an den he fell frum his chare dieng. alicias aslo shot bella hu wuz crying ova mikes dead boddy. bella fell 2.

now 4 da resolushin:

edoweird jumpped ovar 2 were alicia wuz and smaked da bitch. den da teachor wakled in and he wuz so confewzed az 2 wat wuz goign on. alicia sow dat mr. cleerwater hade walked into da clasrum and alicia shot edowerd an den aymed da gunn at mr clearwatre.

"no alicia dunt go down dis pathe it will onlee cawze u moer sorroe and payne" i screemed. "if u shoot mr cleerwatre naow den u will b stukc in a cycol of reveeng!!!!!!!!" i also screemed. i wuz bery very very concerednd abut da sitatshin. den alicia, da gurl wit da very brouwn haire toook her gunn and pointted it at da dieing bella an her dieing friend who had a lot of blud on da grund.

"illl fukcing kill u all u god dam mothre fuckorz!!!!!!!!!" scraemd alicis hu den shoted bella forteene timez in da neck. Edowird den jumpd behinde alica and slit her wristz wit his fingornaelz. alicia wuz in payne an dropepd da gun an den edawurd stabed alicia in da spiine wit a pensill 1 2 3 4 5 6 tiems untli alicia drupped 2 da grund lipm. (butt it wuld b ok becuz alicia iz a vampiore and she wuld heel). den edowerd gaev da gun 2 mr cleerwater who tahnked him "thakn u" he thakned.

den i went 2 go an c if bella or myk were alyve. i rally hopped dat da biotch bella wuld b ded an dat myke wuz ded 2 sinz i h8 da 2 fockerz. den da pearamediks came and tuk bella 2 da hospitel but myke wuz ded he had bene shooted waaaaay 2 meny tims. i wish dat bella had ded 2 but it wuz ok. so den i went ovar an saw dat cassie wuz also shot wich wuz sad 2 me becuz cassy iz a olde fiend fo minee. den da polise were dere an den dey handcofed alicia an tuk her 2 prizun 4 brining a gun 2 scool an den sellin drugs 2 otha studeent an den shooting da otha studentz.

i weant 2 da batherum 2 du my maykup becuz i hade cryed becuz bella didnt dye. my yerlllowe and blaeck mascare-a had bene all moysturized

"WWHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK R U DONI U FOCKIN MOHTAFUCKORES!?!" screemed sum1. me an edowird ran out of da stall naeked an den we saw angella da vapmiore.

"oh no" i sed...



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