Chaptr 2 Da Quidatch GameEdit

Ater not:- dys is chaptr 2 of the stry. i hav gutten a revoow tellan me i im a troll. i im NUT a troo!! i am vampire queen, nd da storay is vray xciting nd gud. I will one day publish it in bokshops nd u will a b srry. so stup da meen commants only nice commnts pls?

Chpter 2 Da Quidatch Gam

I was wakkin along hogwats wit Delia. she wos werin a pritty dress. i wos werin a rly shrt skrt nd a blak top nd heals nd mah skert woz also blak. i had a wisard crown n mah head. den horatio cane came otta nowere nd sed "hey queen Ariana da quidatch gam is gonna stort soon nd ur da seekah" (authors note: avery1 accept damien nd frends has 2 call me queen ariana bcoz im a queen) i wos shoked. "wot is dat?" i asked.

"its da best gam in da hole world" sed horatio cane. "u shit on a bromstik nd u play"

"dat sounds dangerous mommy" sed Delia.

"im sure it will bee ok i jst hav ta ask daddy"

den i went 2 Damien. "hey damien da quidatch gam is on"

"rly?" he excavated.

"yes nd apprartly im supposed 2 play"

"wow dat is such n honor u no" he sad. "ur not evan a wizord"

"nedda are u"

"k" he sad. "lets go nd play sum quittach"

"Hello mr thorn1" sed horatio cane "only da queen is suposed 2 play she will be playin........... DA WHOLE SCHOOL!11111

"ok dat sounds cool" I sed.

So we went outside. den a bromstick came otta nowhere nd i satted on it. Dumpeldure came oot nd dah gab me a ball. "dis is da snig" he sad. "U hav 2 catch da snig or da rooster of the schole will win da gaem!" dan he took out a buzzard. (authors note dat is wot dey us for quidotch)

"let da game begin" shat Dumvlefore

den we woz plain quidatch. i woz flyin in da air nd trin 2 cat da snig. i thot dat da snig was Edward Cullen!!111 da odda teems woz all flyin arond 2. den i herd cheeran. da hole skole woz dere. dey woz chearin 4 me.

"go ariana catch dat fukkin snig" dey scremed. Den I saw..... Hoto can! he was cummin at me on his brom. he ponted his wond at me.

"now die u bitch" he sad.

"nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" sed Damien sadly. den i fell off mah brom. Damien caught me up in his arms. I didant dye.

"wot da fuck" sed Cartman angraly (see he is in carrot) "what da fkk did oo do dat 4"

"wot" sed Horatio cane nd put on his sunglasses. den he floo away. he floo away 2 da evil lair.

"arf u ok, my love?" asked Damien nd we had sex.

"yes im fin" i sad.

"dats god" he sad.

but what was happening in the evil lair???111

in da eval lare woz forest gump nd ward crullen nd sexah snape. dah where oll pll dere lyk my dad nd stuffs.

"did da plan work" sed ssnape

"no" sed Horatio cane. "because well um.... fuck off! da dumbledre nd da damien savd her"

"wot!1" saed forest gomp. "ho cud dis happan"

"u hav 2 go bak 2 da schile nd catch her onawars" sad da forest. "ok" sed horatio cane.

den he floo away. he floo away 2 da evil lair.



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