Chaptor 5 Dumbididore diesEdit

Warning:____- sadness ehed. viowar discretion advised.


Me nd Damien was sittin in da grate hall eattin brakfast. it was Damiens brithday (attors note: it achselly is) so we were havin sum breakfast which he lyks 2 do on his birday. nyway, i was havin panckakes. Damien was 2. I was werin a speshal outfit 4 my husbing witch was a pritty green dress with slits nd goffick jewlerey nd a top hat. i had dyed my hair 4 a chnge it woz now plantim blonde. i had pale white foundation nd blak eyeliner. Damien had no makeup coz he was a gay. avery1 was in da gret hall.

mort nd harry were sittin at da griffendor table. dey had movad 2 griffandor with Draco Malfoy coz they were now preps but me nd Damien whore in slythering because we were goffs what wit him benin the antichrist nd me bein his wifey nd all. Delia was upstairs doin her homwurk. she got lots of homwork bcoz she had 2 do mats nd stuff. damien nd i didnt no how 2 do maths or stuff.

Suddanly.... da wall esploded and Snape ranned in. He pointed his wand at ME! but i swerved the car and drove it in2 his nuts. he creamed! I kicked him agane.

damien 2kk out his sword. it was a big ass muthafukkin pieca shit! he thru it at me nd i caught it. "Here use dis!" he said. an i did. i ran at snape and stabbed him in da face with da sword. "Noooo" he sed. he fell down, but he fell on top of me!

"Arrrgh!" i sed. Damien went 2 help me, but it was 2 late. snape was goin 2 stab me in da heart and intestines! :O I screemed out loud.

suddenly i saw Damien lookin at sum1 intesaley. it was Dumbledore. den Dumbumbumdore moonwalked ova 2 me nd got in front of da swoard. snape killed him!

"hey u killed dumbedoRE!" sad Damien nd he winked at me. i winked bak. snape ran away crying. he woz in love with dumbeldore but he couldnt tell him becuse he was eval.

all da students were cryin. dey were cryin 4 dumbledore because he was dead. i knew that we wud hav 2 a pheonix. dumbydory's pehinis ran away.



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