Malcolm Nottingham the Sheriff
General information
Alias The Sheriff of Nottingham
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Location Secret Village
Family Pidsley
Romances Dolores
Friends Guy of Gisborne, Voldy
Enemies Dumbledore, Harry, Will Scarlet, Iris, Gandalf
The Sheriff, alias Malcolm, is a villain from Ohio Is Not For Lovers. He seems to be based on The Sheriff of Nottingham featured in the BBC series about Robin Hood, but according to a comment made by Savanna, he's "a lot uglier" in the story.


Malcolm is dating Umbridge. They have a son named Pidsley who looks nothing like either parent, thank goodness.

After being taken prisoner by Dumbledore & Co, he managed to escape to Canada with his beloved. Unfortunately for the wicked pair, they were busted while doing the naughty on a trampoline (resulting in Pidsley), and taken back to the secret village.

Dumbledore was a cruel dungeon master, and forced them to eat vegetables.


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