Sheriff Vaisey
General information
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Dead
Location Nottingham
Romances Power! Money!
Friends Guy of Gisborne sort of
Enemies Robin Hood, Guy of Gisborne eventually, Isabella Gisborne
 The Sheriff of Nottingham is the main antagonist in most versions of the Robin Hood legend. This article is mainly about the character as he was portrayed in the BBC drama aired between 2006-2009.


Sheriff Vaisey took over the job as Sheriff of Nottingham from Marian's father. He abused his position to exploit and terrorize the local population, and soon became universally unpopular. Not being much of a warrior himself, he relied upon larger and stronger henchmen to do his dirty work. The most notable of his minions was Guy of Gisborne.

Vaisey took unusual sadistic pleasure in torturing and murdering, usually laughing and singing while he watched. He also had a grotesque habit of keeping a collection of human skulls, from which he pulled replacement teeth. In the final episode of the show, he ordered the entire population of Nottingham slaughtered. After taking part in the murders of Robin and Gisbourne, he is most likely killed himself as the castle explodes around him.

In fanfictionEdit

Ohio Is Not For LoversEdit

In Ohio Is Not For Lovers, the Sheriff of Nottingham is one of the villains.

For more information see the related page.


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