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Da Story of De Dalton VampireEdit

Summary: WolfBloodRei sed she reely liked my story "Vampire Queen" so I roght dis for her. It's a story about me going to Dalton.


I was wakkin down da street all prettly like. I was goin 2 a new schol today. My name is Queen Ariana Erehaha Celestia Twilight Sparkle SilverDove Seagull. I am the queen of all the vampires. My father is Aro an he lives in a big castle with lots of vampyres called the Volturi. My best frend is Jane an Alec an dey have powars but I have the most powers. I have telikineses |(like Vlodymort in my immmortal), flight, I can sing like a goddess, an I am a mermaid like in h2o. I also have more powers. I am de most powarful wampire in the whoel world. I smell. I have long goffic hair an a goffic dress an curves an I am da sexiest women ever says my dad.

I was going to a new schol. It was called Dalton Academy for boys but I was allowed to go because my dad threatened da principul. I waked up da stairs an cocked on the door. Da principul answered. "hi" he sed. "U must be Ariana"

"Ok I will" I sed. Den I waked inside. I was led up the stars an dey took me to my rom. It was really ugly.

"I hate it" I sed an dey all cried. Den I went on a wak. Den I heard sumthin. Som1 was singin. I went 2 check it out. It was cummin from da nex rom. Dere wuz a lot of ppl singin an all da udder boys were clappin 4 dem.

"Who is dat?" I asked.

"Dey is da Warblers" sed an ugly boy named Mark (Author's Note: Mark has a cameo) "Dey is da Glee Club 4 da whole school. Dat's da headmaster of da schoool. Blaine Anderson."

Blaine Anderson was very very hot.

Den 1 of da boys got laringitis an cudnt sing. Blaine wuz sad. "Now we cunt sing" he sed. Den I ran in an sang da song.

"ur amazin" sed Kurt. Den he esploded. Blood was everywhere. Blaine smiled at me.


Author's Note: New chappar cummin soon. xD



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