Dalton Vampire 11: TESTEdit

Smmary: I am on a role!


Blaine and I walked into the classroom together. I was still as beautiful as I had ever bean. We shat down on the seat. The droopy teacher from chappar 5 was gone! Instead, there was....... BOOMAMA! But she was in disguise as Mr Schue from New edrecions.

"godevening class" He said kindly. "I will be your teeacher for this evening" He said kindly. "what a lovely bunch of students we have hear"

"He's talking about us" Blaine said, and kissed me. We started kissin up on each udder.

"I THOUGHT WE WUD BRIGN DA XMAS SPRITE" Mr Schu (Boomama) shitted. "We are going to the Old Folks Home for Old People" He admitted sexily.

"OMFG BLAINEYPOO WHAT IF SENIOR IS THERE" I shouted quietly. Blaine nodded like a horse galloping through a desort riding on a snow man.

"Then we will defete him and Kurt and those meanies" he said and kised me. I moaned excitedly. Then we all piled into the bust and sat down. "Put on your seatbelt sexah" Blaine ordered and I did.

"BREAKFAST ROLL" Mr Schu shouted and we were off. We spead down the road. After tweny whore mintues, we were at the old folks home! yay!

there were lots of old people in the old folks home. We went onto the stge. "Hey everyone" I said as nicely as possible. "We're Dalton Academy Warblers and we're here to sung a song for you all whooooooo" All the elderly old people just clapped.

"I don't think they're very intersted" I creamed at Blaine. Now he was pissed! After he misuntes he went on da stage and started singin "WHEN I GET YOU ALONE" which is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! I jumped on him and we fell back on2 a chair. We both moaned kindly.

Blaine started undoing the buttons on my dress as I kissed him passiontely. We were so hot! Then... the chair started moving. It was then I realized.. it wasn't a chair at all..... IT WAS AN ELDERLY MAN! Wboth dove off hrriedly as the old man ambled down the street5. Mr. Schu was watchin us.

"Can I speak to you both alone together?" He questioned dearly. We both nodded and wakked outside to his ofice.

"I think you both should join New Dieerections" He said. (Author's Note: APPARENTLY BLAINE TRANSFORMS IN SEASON 3 SO I AM GOING 2 USE DAT SCENEARIO OK) We both put our arms around each other sexy.

"Ass long as Ariana cums 2" Blaine said. "She is da love of my life" He was sexah.

"Of course" Mr Schue shouted.

"den it's settled"

and off we fuckin' went.





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