Dalton Vampire 12: ChristmansEdit

Summery: I said I'd be back for more, and I am! Glee 2nitewhoooooooooo sexahhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Blaine and I were wakkin thru Mickinaley Hights when Arlimbo came out of nowhere. He had a slushy in his hand and also Karofsky. "Hey" He said all mean like. "Where are you two going?"

"we are going 2 join new directions" I said sexily. Blaine put an arm around me. Then we got slushied. Then... lasers shot out of my eyes and disintigrated Arlimbo and Karofsky into dust. (author's notes:- SEE, ARIANA CAN USE HER POWER) Blaine started at me.

"Woooowwwwwwwwwwww" He said, amazed. We meandered to class together. We rested ourselves upon a chair. Mr Schu (who as you all know is in fact Boomama in disguise) came in and said "Happy christmas everyone"

"Yay" we all said childishly. We sang a few chrismtans songs. Then, Blaine took my by the hand and led me into aNOTHER ROOM! (Don't worry, they're sensible)

I was watching out the window as the Cheerios cheered. "I could do that ten times better" I snaped. I rolled my head up and down. I turned around. And I saw Blaine kneeling there with a box of his hards.

"I..." I was speechless.

"Ariana, you and I were meant to be together no matter what nobody can stop us not even those mean flamers who we must fight. I love you lots, Arikins, will you marry me?" He esked.

I almost fainted! "Oh, yes! Yes!" I screamed. Blaine put a ring on my fingar (it was so beautiful) and I creied. We both started to make out kindly on a desk. I was so excited and happy. Nothing could ruin this day.

"WE ARE GTTING MARIED" I yelled when we waked back inside. New Directions were so delighted they all shat themselves. Artie did a backflip on his wheelchair. Then... Taylis came in.

"I HATE U ALL AND U ARE SO STOOPID ND I WILL KULL YOU ARIANA U SUCK OK" She roared. I knew she was just jealous of the love me and Blainey shared. I slapped her and she kicked me. Then she esploded.

"awww" I said. I was feeling soo happy.




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