Dalton Vampire: 2: Who is you?Edit

Summary: Its da nexus chaptar.


Den I sat down. Den Blaine sed "thank u for everythin ur an amazin girl. whats ur name?"

"o my name is Ariana" I sed. I didnt tell his my fool name becoz wud get suspicius.

"dats a luvly name" he sed. "my name is Blaine"

"its nice to meet u" I sed. "im sorry abot ur fren"

"dats ok" he sed. "dat wuz just Kurt. He thot we wuz gay but lookin at u i tink i might be strait"

"y" i sed.

"becoz ur beautiful" he sed. I blashed.

"im not dat pretty" i sed.

"yes u are" he sed. an he leaned over an kissed me. I was on fire! It was so passionate an lovin.

"will u go out wit me" he asked.

"ok" i sed.

"dats great" he sed. "an you can join da Warblers"

"dats grat" I sed.

An den we went to talk 2 wes an david.




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