Dalton Vampire 3: WES ON DAVIDEdit

Summery:- Destipated to WolfBloodRei who loves my VAMPIRE QUEEN STOREY. DUN U SEE NAOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO FLAYME?


Blaine an I walked down the hallway hand in hand. We were goin to see Wes an David who wuz da leedurs of da Warlbers. We went in2 dere orifice an sat down.

"Wut are u doin?" He asked.

"oh im just ridin round on David" sed Wes.

"dang it Wes u never let me do dat"

"cuz u want a different kind of ride" he told him.

"WHOS DIS DEN" mubled Daivd. He looked at me.

"O dis is Ariana my girflriend" sed Blaine.

"Wow ur so hot" sed Wes. Blaine gallareyed at him. He put his arm around me an locked me in da eye. I lay my hed on his chess.

"I wuz wonderin if she cud join da Warblers"

"no because we alredy have so maney memburs" sed David.

"Acshully we have a slot opened up- Kurt esploded. Don go in da hall dere is blood an guts everywhere" Blaine astralplained.

"She sings like a goddess an a siren" sed Blaine. "an she is da luv of my life"

"ok u shud join" screamed David.

"an Wes u shud leed da army naow" sed Blaine.

"NO BLAINE DATS UR ARMY" den he drooped his voice. "ur da founder of da gays"

"no its up 2 you naow" he sed.

"ok" he sed.

"yay" I sed.

Blaine got up on me an started kissin up on eechudder. We crashed in2 da tabul an I thrusted in between hys legs.

"we shud go on a date" He sed.

"Ok" I sed.

Den we left.





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