Dalton Vampire 4: Da DateEdit

Summary: Iz all romanic


I decided to do somethin speshol for my date so I showered. I put on a bright pink dress dat dint fit all dat well so my boobs were hangin oot. I curled my hair an put on sum fishnets. Blaine an I went 2 bred sticks in his monster truck. We parked in da carpark an Blaine garbed my hand. All da udder guys were like "shes so hot" an I flipped dem da finger so dey all fainted an pissed dere pants.

We walled in2 da restraunt an da ugly waiter sed "wut wud u like" I started to cry because the waiter was so uglay.

"wuts wrong luv" Blaine assed me.

"Dat waitor is so ugly" I sed. Den da ugly waitor tried 2 kiss me. I creamed!

"GET OFF HER U CUNT" den Blaine garbed a kinfe and stabbed de waitor in da face an abdomen. He was ded in an instant. Da peepul clapped becoz he wuz so ugly.

"dats Mark" sed Blaine. "he is just a meen asshole"

"but now he is ded"

"darlin he cums back all da time"

I was 2 disgusted by the ugly guy 2 eat anythin an so was Blaine. We wen bakk to the schol but da door was locked.

We raped da door.

"open up- I screemed"

"no don't open da door" sed David. Den I saw... ponies in da garden!

"dam dem fuckin ponies" sed Blaine. "u see when da principul of dis schol opened it- all da magic ponys came an lived at da schol. Dey told me 2 get rid of it- but I cud nant."

"Oh mi gawd" i sed. I was shocked.

"but deres still more" sed Blaine.

"a great dalton student once created a huge starcase an den a vampire named Eward cullen pissed on it. Da piss took a life of its own an it started to destroy da schol. Dis wuz be4 I had 2 transfur. but da magic piss might return"


Den we wen 2 da back of da kitchen an lay down. Den I wen 2 bed.


2 more chappars up later 2day maybe or not.



  • The chapter references the Magical Piss Series, a series of one-shot fanfictions by Ariana herself.

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