Dalton Vampire 5: NiarnaEdit

Summary: WolfBloodRei, you rock rei! Keep on enjoyin da storey an u 2 might be in it (a nice one naow!11)


I woke up. I rolled over. An I saw Blaine lookin at me all sexah like. I was not werin anythin apart from a skimpy night dress an sum fishes on my legs. I got out of da bed an opened da window. I started singin an den all da birds started singin wit me. Blaine came up behind me and raped his arms around me. His breath smelled genital on my neck. I leened into his chess.

"Heyyyyyyyyyy" I sed.

"Heyyyyyyyy" He sed.

"U go an get dresses an have something to ate an THEN we will have class" HE sed.

"Ok" I sed. An I did. I dressed in a goffic green feather dress wit black tights an bots an I done my hare in a nice wavy way. I put on sum whit foundation an also I tied my hair up in a bun. I led a few nostrils hang out of my hair. Blaine sed it looked sexay.

We went 2 da class togedder. Da teecher wuz an old droopy man with a no clothes. "Let me see how u move" he sed. I stood up an did a little turn. Avery1 clapped.

"Ur amazin" sed da teecher. "U should be teechin dis class"

"no i think u shud im jst a gril" I sed not wantin 2 be suspicius r nuttin.

"amazin an modest" sed Blaine. Den we herd a siren.

"wuts dat" I arked.

"dats not god" sed Blaine.

"Wut?" I sed.

"Wen I wuz a little boy- I came across a magicul wardrobe an it took me 2 niarna. An den da elderlly man sed I cud not cum bak- an I beat him up but he sed he wud get his revange"

"o no babyyyyyyyyyy" i sed.

"I will be ok its sumthin I have 2 do" an he ran off.

Dere wuz an old orange man dere an he wuz cummin at Blaine. but he wuznt afraid. He smiled. Den a missul came outta nowhere an attacked da old man. Da room esploded. Avery1 went flyin thru da air.

Blaine fell from the sky an landed in da middul of the Niarnans. "wut" sed mr tumnus an he dropped kicked hymn to the ground.

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh" sed da fat guy as Blaine spun around an stabed him.

"wut is goin on here" asked Wes an David.

I jumped in da air nd started 2 fight. I kicked da old orange guy in da face. He roared like a lion an den esploded. Den da principul came.





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