Dalton Vampire 5: New DirectioEdit



Da principul looked round at us all. "wut is goin on here" he assed. "mistur anderson I especkted more from u"

"U LEEVE HIM ALONE U FAGGUT" I screamed at da principul.

"ok but u have 2 clean dis mess up" sed da principul.

"ok" sed Blaine an he clicked his fingers an da mes went away.

"wow" I sed. I wuz amazed.

"Im da greatest student Dalton has evur seen" He sed. "Da droopy fat guy gave me dese powers so dat I cud cum on da guardian of da schol"

"wow" I sed. I wuz amazed.

"Luke ate all da dead people" I sed. Blaine looked at me.

"we shud go play futball" he sed.

"i don know haow" I sed.

"ill show U" he sed an he gave me al ball. He sed "dis is wut u have 2 do" an he showed me how 2 kick da balls. I did.

"UR SO GRATE" sed Blaine.

Den da whole school came on me. Dere wuz so many of dem dat dey were all deer.

Den New Directions came. "white boy wheres ma boy Kurt" sed Mercedes.

"o hes ded" sed Blaine. "an don call me white boy. daz so horrible"

"noooooooooooo" she sobbed. "he wuz goin 2 teech me"

"dats so sad" I sed.

"wow" dey all sed. My beauty had blown dem away.




  • This chapter is misnumbered as Chapter 5.

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