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Dalton Vampire 8: NOOOOOOOEdit

SUMMARRY: right! stop flaming the story! Ok! cause it's not nice! OK!


Artie the frog we went 2 Dalton back again. It woz about 4 in the morning. I was tired an so wuz Blanf. We went in2 our dorms an sat down on the bed. Blaine shat down next to me. I lay my head on his head an he kissed my hair. I looked like a fairy queen. I ran my hard up and down Blaine's leg. "I love you" I sed.

"I love you 2" He sed. He started kissing my neck. "Ur so hot! So so so so hot" He told me. was i rly naow? I didn't know. I was still wearing my prom dress an he wuz wearin his suit but not his jackat. Blaine took off my dress an I undid his shirt.

"Are we going to have a fun tim?" I asked seductivaly. He raised his arbow.

"Maybe we are, maybe we art" He sed. Den.... I HERD A NOISE!!1

"What was dat?" I questioned sweetly. Blaine went 2 inveshigate. He walled out the door and wandered to where the noise had cum from. It was.... AN ELDERY MAN!

"what do you want?" asked Blaine. Da man sed noddin and just went 2 get sum. He saw me in the rom an wen ovur. He punched me in the face.

"U BASTARD!111 LWEEEEEVE HER ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEE" Blaine sheouted an ran ovar 2 me. Den da old man took out a gun!1 but den David came. He wuz riding on a fat man.

"What is going on?" He asked. He woz deeply confused. Den da old man shot him.

"I AM GOING 2 KILL YOU ARIANA VAMPIRE GIRL" He rored. He gunned cock at me.

"LEEF MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE YOU MEEN FLAMMARS I LOVE HER OK SO LEEEEEEVER HER ALOOEN!" Blaine rored argnirly. But da old man wuz goin 2 shot me. I screemed.






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