Chapter 10 De FucktoryEdit

AN;- heope u nojky dis last chapter. i rely woked hard on this son so its god ok? i hupe that u guud reeadings njoy!

6;45 am. i woke up very errly, too early to get up. damien was still asleep n da bed. i layd my hed down on his chesar. oi smiled donw ant them. "Ai tai chai" i sad, that meens i love u in japanese because i roced anything. i kised him passunetly on the lips. he was still sleeping. he put his arm around me and started to sing his song agen.

we lay in passionate bliss with our arms around each other. i was so luky becaioz i had such a hot boy as my boyfrend. i thought aboot Mark. He was gone away but we would never see him eager. i suddenly got up and went oliver to my wardrobe. i sharted to take out some cloths nd pute him on. I toko out a dress nd it was blue with red in it. i did a sexy danse orund da place nd put on my cloths. today were were gong to go 2 a factroy 2 c da pesticides. damien woked up.

"hello why did u wake up sexy" he sad.

"and heallo 2 u," i sahd, mnd i kissed jim really sexily. "i lov u"

"quick. lets get down 2 da bus" he sad sexily. we ran downstares and into the kitchen, everyone was there, teddy locked at me but he new bedar than to fuck damien after the last time. i runned over to the pancake stand nd had sum fuckng pancocks. they were dilisuse. i hoged her sexily. damien deciseve to tell sergent neff that we would all eet on the bus.

suddenly. my phone rang. damien ansored it.

"hallo" he assued nd sad sexy. "who is dis"

"its furburt persanta" sad da voice. its da daddy of arna"

"oh hi mate, how are you?" he sad, "we are going to a fucking fartery"

"BREAKFAST ROLL" sum1 shoted. "it ws ur mom3 SAD SDAMIEN.

damien and i both led every1 onto the bus. we drove to the faxctgor. de man passarane told us all sexily we made luv nd fucked happily. then sum1 told us to put on our fucking helmets. i decided to leeve myne off bhecause i would get harry potter hair.

i suddenly saw................ DA GAS PIEP BLOWN APART! i shoted to damien "run"

"omfg lets fucking go" he decised to run and we all ran out of the factory, coughing and spluttering except dameun becoz he was ok. richard and ann decidedto masturbate nd picked up his winger. we all got into the aamubkuance nsd decided to drive away. i hated to be inthe hosptail.

AN well asny deat exvitng?



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