Chupo Ate Cows Of EvilEdit

an helo every1 and welcum back 2 da stryo. ihopeu enjoted da last enstalemnt of stovq. nxt we fass a dredful acident.

CHAPTEr eiht cows of evil

Normans POV alrite?

pail buhere wasked anto the thoren musehum. he ahd just finsihed reeding his newspaper which he was on the front covear of it. he put down the newspapor and walled upstares. he counted the number of doors until he reached Richard's orrifice. he entered.

"wat de hell is passaraian doing in indus>" richard bent over the desk and got angry.

"i need a composion on or land disoipal." sad paul angrely.

"that doesnt summaries you making land agetation with consulating me, the rules of company conduct. bill atherton wasnt gonna make any those incisions without insulting me."

"im not bill atherton" paul moaned.

"i dont accept you bee" sad richard "but i do accept to abserve the rules of cumpany conduct."

"i rememob," paul smelly.

paul was kicking himself as he walked out the door. he had almost lost the gob, but he counted his merry stars lucky that he dudnt. he sharted towards his car. he got in and started 2 driv away.

meanwhile in the thorn museam, in the thorn museeum, the thorn museum, Ann and Charles Warren were rtaling abot de hore of bablyon. they were gonna put it i da miffdle so dat every cunt see it.

suddenly, joan hart rushed in in her red suit.

"DAMIEN!" she yelled. every1 was confused.

"wat about damien>" ann asked.

"i dunno" sad joan, she ran out. she ran 2 de military accemamsy where said damien was praying football.


DAMIEN WAS PLAYING football sexily. suddenly joan heart came along nd started screming wen he tiiik of his hermet. damien was sad because he didnt lyk ppl screming and fiting. he sharted to get wankered.

joan ran off. i chased afteer her to give her a peck of my mind for creaming at my boyfriend lyk dat. i was just cuming ovar 2 her when suddenly a corw started to pick her eyes out. i burts in2 teers, oh no sum1 was dying!

JOAN GOT UP AND HER EYES WERE GONE! they lay discarded at the side of the road. i cryed for her evan though i am a haterfier so i stoped. then joan got hit by a truck.

the crow flew towords me and i fell down. i looked up. my heart. was filled. with fear. i closed up my face. the truck was coming straight for me.


an' zomg wat has hapen?



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