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This article is about the meme. Did you mean Tim Chey, the character from the Brooding Series ?

Tim is a meme spawned by ArianaVampireQueen's fanfictions.


Various snarkers picked up on the fact that Ariana misspelled "Time" as "Tim" many times in her stories — most notably with quotes such as the title of the first chapter from The Life of Delia:

Quotation marks 1
Chapter 1, Sexy Tim
Quotation marks 2
The Life of Delia

Because of that, Talys Alankil started to consider Tim a recurring character, greeting him with "OHAI Tim" at most of his appearances.


From being a running gag, Tim evolved to being a full-fledged character as Tim Chey, in TalysAlankil's Brooding Impostor.

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