AN: anya was trying to indoctrinate me but she FAILED! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA suck it lozer


We were in the Institute training to fight demons when.... CLARy started puking all over the floor!

"omg are you ok?" jace asked.

"yeah it's just morning sickness" she said "i must be pregnant"

"what?" alec whispered at the top of his lungs. "but that means"

"yeah we had sex last night for the first time" jace boomed.

"nooooooo" alec said and left the room crying.

"But jace" alex erupted panicking "hetero sex is evil! why would you do that before marriage!"

"Uuuuuuuum i was horny?"

"nooooooo" clary said. She had just realized they had acted evil. "that must mean..."

"Yes your child will be a DEMON CHILD" alex announced theatrically. "We will need some backup"

"But who will help us" derek asked. "All our friends were sended to their worlds after you triomphed over the templars and destroyed time"

"I thought you didnt remember that! But yeah I have another friend tho"

"YEAAAAAH LETS KICK SOME ASS" it was......... BELLA! (i found out a fic called Persitus prep (or something lol i don't speak latino) and I loved that version of bella so its this version)

"Didnt we kill you?" derek dereked.

"Yeah but this is just her body I implanted a sould in her" alex said (thats from the host its a great movie)

"Ok cool"

"But how will you help us?" clary interrogated

"well im an assassin duh, ill kill your demon baby when its born."

"But i love my baby!" clary said. She believed abortion was wrong (which it is, but this isnt abortion cause bella will kill it after birth lol use your brains)

"Okay izzy," Jace said, "but first we need to kill hodge"

However as he said that… bella became berserk and attacked him! But jace is an awesome shadowhunter so she couldnt hurt him coz shes a weak woman lol.

"Bella! Stop!" Alex said. "You cant call her that jace she hates it."

"OK sorry. Why though?"

"Because thats how that bitch Isabelle was called," Bella said, "and I hate her after she destroyed MAH LIFE."

"lol okay well you can kill her too if you want"

"yay" said Bella.

Meanwhile Hodge and Isabelle and Tigeranne had rebuilt the cyborg Anya.

"What now?" izzy said.

"Now we will need that demon baby by our side." Hodge said.



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