chapter 4 da evil is near

Jae and bella carried clary to the infirmary because her baby could be coming any moment now. Derek was still kinda mad at me for leaving him at the altar, so he went hunting some people to feel better, leaving me alone that asshole.

I decided to see where Alec had left. I found him in the greenhouse, which is like a huge forest inside the Institute but all the plants are magical and beautiful, but not as much as alec was :3

"Hiiiii" I said.

"Oh hi alex" he said but when he turned I saw he was crying!

Hey whats wrong? "I asked"

"jace had sex with clary"

"Yeaaaaaah." But i did not understood what was wrong still.

"I THOUGHT MAYBE I WOULD BE HIS FIRST!!!!" Alec shouted crying some more on my shoulder as I hugged him.

"Heyyyy its okay" I said. "He was straight anyway. You just need to find the right guy."

Then……… he KISSED ME!

"could you be the right guy?" he asked.

"Lol yeah why not" I shrugged. We went behind some trees to hide, but then alec was shy and didnt want to take his clothes off at first so we just made out for a while. As we did i surrepitititiously slid my hands under his shirt and in his pants and started to remove them inch by inch. Suddenly he was almost naked and had not realized, but when he did he was like "what the hell, let's just do it" and took off the rest and we had sex Because he was a virgin he didnt have lots of experience and it was weird for me to have to guide him through everything but it was also super good and intense and shit.

anyway while we were in the afterglow, alec suddenly said.....

"I love you Alexandre Hawke Jacob Sollux Jeremy Miles."

I gasped!

"Soooooooooo," the demon wolf Rei (remember she was reincarnated as a wereman so now she's not just a demon, she's a wolf demon), "We just capture the baby and we win?"

"Lol no don't be stupid" Tigeranne said "we cant capture the baby in the womb or it dies."

"No," Hodge smeerkatted, "but we can capture the whore who is pregnant with him."

"Yeeees" Isabelle said. "And then I can use my bdsm on her?"

"NO" said Tigeranne

"Awww" Isabelle sadfaced.

"You can do it on me later" Rei said.

"Shut up your horny fools" the Anyas (there are several copies of them now) said in unicorn. "We are coming near the Institute"

"Yeeeees" Hodge said. "We will need to be.................................................... sneaky!"

They walked closer to the institute and we DIDNT KNOW ABOT IT!

AN the plot thickens! omg i am loving the story so far.


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